• Tom Acland (Dassault)
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    Tom Acland (Dassault)


    Since joining a DotCom startup at the turn on the millennium, Tom has built transformational business at growth companies.
    He has worked both pre- and post-exit, as a startup founder and manager within large enterprises such as Microsoft, Publicis Groupe and BOSCH.
    As CTO of the digital agency Razorfish in Germany, he led first-of-a-kind programs for brands such as Audi and Novartis, enhancing real-world products with virtual experiences.
    Tom later co-founded COBI - the IoT startup developing technology for more intelligent mobility, safety and style on two wheels. Following the acquisition by BOSCH eBike Systems, Tom continued to work on the IoT architecture linking hardware systems to the user experience of light electric vehicles.
    Now CEO of 3DEXCITE at Dassault Systemes, Tom leads a global organization of technologists and creative experts, focused on the development and delivery of virtual commercial twins to industrial companies.  3DEXCITE delivers software and solutions to manufacturers, which enable high-fidelity virtual representation of products in customer- and end-user applications.
    Having spent more time working abroad than at home in the UK, Tom speaks German and French.  He coaches a Little League Soccer team at weekends in W. London and plays Fortnite with his kids in the evenings.

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