• Pradeep Kumar Kondabattini (Hyundai Mobis)
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    Pradeep Kumar Kondabattini (Hyundai Mobis)

    Hyundai Mobis

    Head of strategy planning

    I have been leading and implementing R&D Strategy for Mobis India Limited one of the leading Korean Automotive supplier. Playing a critical role in the India strategy and growth while collaborating with Managing Director and organizational leadership. 
    As more and more software being making in roads to Automotive it has become imperative for organizations to not only carefully devise the software, digitalization and innovation strategies but also need to collaborate with other organizations. 
    Vehicles are becoming more software oriented and OEs are finding new business strategies for growth, in this complex scenario Automotive suppliers and Technology companies have a crucial role to play.
    I have been working towards this journey in defining India center Strategy, through various activities viz, Center of excellency for Software development, Expansion of scope, Localization, Advanced technology development etc., 
    Experienced in Engineering Procurement management, identifying the requirements, shortlisting vendors, implementing required Agreements MSA,SOW, NDA etc, and monitoring invoicing and payment 
    My experience of changing the software development process from regular waterfall to Agile while implementing required huge organization transformation through meticulously planned change management
    Experienced in Business development, Project Management and System Engineering with respect Automotive embedded software development for various OE projects utilizing resources spread across locations in Europe and India.
    I have been a member of Telangana state government committee to define and implement Automotive growth strategy which was launched in 2023 as ‘Telangana Mobility Valley’ which is playing a vital role in drawing more investments into the state.
    I am driving several initiative not limited crucial activities like SDV, Innovation.

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