• Sebastian Werner (Kearney)
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    Sebastian Werner (Kearney)


    Solution Architect - Automotive & Digital Transformation Leader; CEO, BinaryCore; Manager, Kearney

    With a career spanning over a decade, Sebastian Werner is a seasoned Solution Architect and Automotive & Digital Transformation Leader. His expertise lies in elevating operational strategies and business models across diverse industries. As CEO of BinaryCore, a 100% Kearney subsidiary, he plays a pivotal role in infusing technical expertise into the strategic initiatives of Kearney, where innovation meets strategy seamlessly.

    Sebastian's proficiency stems from hands-on engagements in R&D, digital transformation and IT infrastructure. His visionary approach centers around propelling systems engineering, championing innovation in embedded software, E/E architecture and off-board cloud infrastructure. This expertise extends across the automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical and rail & transport sectors.

    Harmonizing engineering excellence with the art of consultancy, Sebastian's approach results in scalable solutions that seamlessly align with business and customer imperatives. His relentless commitment to boosting agility, enhancing throughput, streamlining automation and abbreviating "time-to" metrics is underpinned by data-driven precision. A true mission drives him - to expedite and fortify processes, while extending coaching to leaders and development teams on their pathway to R&D excellence.

    Sebastian invites connections to explore the intersection of technology and strategy, where he is at the forefront of shaping the digital transformation landscape.

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